Our food ranges from pork with mango and chili or kidney beans in beer or roast pork ribs with BBQ sauce in the Tex-Mex dinner. During Spanish night, Spanish omelette, octopus, tongue with capers, Catalan chicken, paella, roast suckling pig. In the Gala dinner we offer aubergines with tomato and goat cheese, Stroganoff, roast beef, salmon. During the Italian night we offer dishes such as Spinach cannelloni, chicken Cacciatora, lasagne Bolognese, risotto, raviolis. During Chinese night beef with bamboo, mushrooms and soya, sour and spicy soup, sweet and sour chicken, Singapore style noodles. During our Brazilian night, moussaka, pork with caramelised pineapple, chicken with coconut, moqueca, feijoada and during the hindu night, Aloo Palak, Kitchiri, chicken tikka masala, lamb tandoori, etc